Introducing Me

There once was a girl who loved books before bed
A day without books simply filled her with dread

She read from the morning ‘till well after dark
In hammocks, on buses, a bench in the park

She read about spaceships, fairies and kisses
Daring sword fights and gun battle near misses

She never left home without something to read
‘A book in each bag!’ was her steadfast life’s creed

Her room was a lab’rinth, all chock full of books
They sprouted from crannies, full shelves, and all nooks

Although she has read far too much here to chart
Each one of these books has a place in her heart

(c) Books Before Bed

A Little About Me

Drink of choice: cold- ginger ale or Thomas Kemper Root Beer; hot- hot chocolate or hot cider (yum!)

Guilty Pleasure: cookie dough. I figured if I was going to die of salmonella poisoning I already would have so it's all good!

This or that: I LOVE real Parmesan, not the dry powder most people put on their pasta. Give me a block of the tart stuff, let me hack away at it and simply bury my spaghetti in it. If you haven't tried actual shredded Parmesan  you haven't lived!

If I could have a superpower: I would want to fly! Whether it be like Superman and just defy gravity or whether I could have monstrous bird wings, doesn't matter. I LOVE feeling the wind in my face and hair! (that being said, I make due with my ground bound state and drive with the windows open as often as I can!)

When do I read?: When don't I read would be a more appropriate question. I ALWAYS have a book or my ipod with a kindle app in my purse for those standing in line just-in-case times, I read when I'm stressed, I read when I'm happy....I breath books! Books are my life and I'm so happy blogging has made it easier to feed my addition! (goodreads, you really started all of this. How dare you?! You deserve a cookie!)

Enough babble, onto the books!

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