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A Neil Gaiman Children's Book Read-A-Thon Review: The Dangerous Alphabet

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Neil Gaiman's Children Book Read-A-Thon)

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Publication Date: April 2008

Short Synopsis (Goodreads)
A is for Always, that's where we embark . . .
Two children, treasure map in hand, and their pet gazelle sneak past their father, out of their house, and into a world beneath the city, where monsters and pirates roam.

Will they find the treasure? Will they make it out alive?

The Dangerous Alphabet is a tale of adventure, piracy, danger, and heroism told in twenty-six alphabetical lines—although even the alphabet is not to be relied upon here. A delightfully dangerous journey from national bestselling author Neil Gaiman and the monstrously talented Gris Grimly, The Dangerous Alphabet is sure to captivate and chillyoung readers.

My Review: I was first drawn to this book because of the pictures and art style of Gris Grimly. That it is actually written by Neil Gaiman was a happy bonus.

The tone of this book is a bit darker than your normal Alphabet Books. I did, however, buy this to share with my future kids. But it won't be one that I let them read alone without explanation (there is even a Sweeney Todd reference in the pictures...but I'd probably let that one go over their head till they're older). 

That being said, this is a most amusing book. There is a note at the beginning that says "the alphabet, as given in this publication, is not to be relied upon." hahahaha, that just really makes me laugh. 

It's also fun that for each of the letters there are usually items that start with that letter in the picture. They may be grisly, like maggots on the M page, but hey, it's a part of the alphabet, right?

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