Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Neil Gaiman Children's Book Read-A-Thon Review: Crazy Hair

(Part of my personal

Source: Library

Publication Date: May 2009

Short Synopsis (Goodreads):
"In my hair Gorillas leap, 
Tigers stalk, 
And ground sloths sleep. 
Prides of lions 
Make their lair 
Somewhere in my crazy hair."

My Review: This was quite an enjoyable read. It's written in rhyme and is quite inventive (per usual for Mr. Gaiman).

The illustrations by Dave McKean fit with the story and, though I find his style a little dark sometimes, it is actually quite sweet at the end. Mr. McKean is quite creative and it was fun seeing all of the different things that he fit into the hair and how.

Apparently this book was inspired by Neil Gaiman's daughter Maddie, which is adorable.

Overall, a very fun time spent and my favorite this afternoon so far.

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