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A Neil Gaiman Children's Book Read-A-Thon Review: Blueberry Girl

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Source: Library

Publication Date: March 2009

Short Synopsis (Goodreads): This is a prayer for a blueberry girl . . .

A much-loved baby grows into a young woman: brave, adventurous, and lucky. Exploring, traveling, bathed in sunshine, surrounded by the wonders of the world. What every new parent or parent-to-be dreams of for her child, what every girl dreams of for herself.

Let me go places that we've never been, trust and delight in her youth.

My Review: This was a cute book, written in rhyme, and well illustrated. It has a nice lilt to it once you pick up the meter. I have no clue what a blueberry girl is, but this is Neil Gaiman, so I just take it in stride.

It is a story about growing up and this message is presented in a very sweet way. There isn't a storyline of which to speak of, but not everything has to have one. If you just go along for the ride it gets it's point across (several other points too, if you are paying attention).

Apparently this was written for Tori Amos and her daughter Tash, who Neil Gaiman is the godfather of. 

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