Monday, May 6, 2013

The (probable) death of GFC and a (for certain) giveaway

So, it seems that the death of GFC (Google Friends Connect) will soon be upon us. (Parajunkee makes a very good case. She convinced me! And then, when I updated my blog lay out the GFC widget thing wasn't working, so I just got rid of it).

To somewhat avoid being caught with my proverbial pants down I am being preemptive and dropping GFC before it can officially drop me (so :p Google...although it's kind of already happened, but whatevs). I don't know about you, but I haven't seen anything official yet (I just googled it and didn't come up with anything recent) but then I could just be living in a hole (why is it so dark down here?).

Is the (for certain) giveaway that I mentioned above connected? Yes, yes it is. Because I'm a pussy. I haven't focused that much, at all, on having people sign up through email and so now I'm a little worried that the few people who care about reading my blog will be flushed down the toilet when whatever happens with the GFC thing actually happens.

Basically the message I am trying to send with the giveaway is "Hey! I try to provide good content and we both love books so if you want to follow me, follow me through email!"

I'm kind of slow to change, so this is a really big step for me. Once I've made a decision though, I want to act on it before I loose my nerve or over think it (kind of like pulling off a band-aid, or jumping off a bridge. How this turns out will determine which analogy is more appropriate).

No matter what happens, I'll keep reading!! THAT will never change. If I have to start from scratch in terms of readers, oh well, it's been nice knowing you! Maybe you'll come back, maybe you won't. I'll still haunt my favorite blogs (and follow them through email just in case my feed gets shut down as well). This is a really fun community and I am SO glad I got into it (you make it so that my TBR will never end!! This is a good thing...). I hope you'll stick with me and that we'll have many awesome book adventures together. Either way,

keep the book light burning bright 
and keep reading!

Giveaway specifics:
-your choice of either The 5th Wave or Siege and Storm
-must be over 13 to enter
-open international (wherever Book Depository goes)
-open from May 7th (12AM) - June 3rd (12AM)
-this giveaway is only to encourage you to follow me through email by drawing notice to the fact that I have deleted my GFC button. I don't do giveaways that often, but prefer to spend the time (and money) on feeding my book addiction. I'm not trying to buy your loyalty! Hopefully that will come naturally through our interactions together. 

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  1. Such a shame :( I don't know why Google is doing this to us! But I'm now an email follower.



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