Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Search for Middle-Grade/ Young Adult Science Fiction: Begins

I would most certainly describe myself as someone who likes science fiction. I grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation, am a Whooligan at heart (bow ties are cool), and am still peeved that Firefly was cancelled. My reading tastes of late have tended more towards fantasy and historical fiction, as opposed to scifi, but there's always enough room in my TBR or on my bookshelf for intergalactic travel and aliens (and I really hope that personal jet packs are invented during my life time. I'd also like to, at some point, leave the Earth's atmosphere...preferably under controlled circumstances and of my own volition, but we won't get into that right now).

And though I didn't really excel at the maths or sciences in school, I appreciate how necessary they are, admire those who are good at them, and understand enough to be impressed with the advances and strides that we are making today in those areas.

But apparently there is not enough emphasis in schools, or interest in younger children, in things such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The government, as well as many private companies, realize that if they want to hire people capable in these fields they need to support the schools and students to make that happen. Billions of dollars have been donated throughout the years helping to fund scholarships and training for these fields.

And these are good things, but what else needs to happen? Part of what has set fire to this search of mine was reading a few articles about Ray Canterbury, a Republican delegate for West Virginia who is trying to pass a bill to amend the Code of West Virginia so that science fiction books are incorporated into the curriculum for middle and high school students. How awesome is that?! He says "one of the things about science fiction is that it gives you this perspective that as long as you have an imagination and it's grounded in some sort of practical knowledge, you can do anything you want to" (The Guardian).

For some reason, I hadn't made that connection before. OF COURSE amazing books about robots, and space travel, discovery and innovation are going to help inspire people to actually study those things in real life! Books have always inspired me! It hasn't gotten to the point yet where I have built a teleportation device (that I'm admitting to the government) but it could for someone else!

What it comes down to is this: if I want my jet pack I'm either going to have to brush up on my maths and physics (*cough* not likely), or I'm going to have to help and hope that the younger generation get inspired and make it for me.

How am I going to do that? By reading all of the MG/YA science fiction I can get my hands on. My reasoning is: I need to know what's out there to be able to recommend it. Right?

I've already started some preliminary searching and have found that, surprisingly, it's not as clear cut as you would think it would be. This is going to be a journey, and I invite you to join me! Nothing too literary or great is going to happen (at least on purpose), but my interest has been piqued.

What MG/YA Sci-fi do you remember reading or have read recently?  

Let's inspire the younger generation!
Let's allow ourselves to be inspired!

Come on people, 
Star Fleet isn't going to build itself!!

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  1. I recently read Ender's Game and it was amazing! I need to get my hands on the rest of the series. The movie's also coming out soon and it looks really good so far (based on the teaser I saw the other day). I think the trailer premieres this week. Anywho, it's great!


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