Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cha-cha-changes! New blog header and my own domain name!!

Isn't it beautiful?  I am a very happy person. I don't want to do anything but look at my blog right now. *sighs*

Inspired by The Book Smugglers amazing new header, I decided to be gutsy and ask the same person who did theirs if they would be willing to do mine. And she was!! The fantastically talented

worked with me tirelessly to come up with a header that was uniquely mine and fit the theme of my blog. Don't you just love the book that they are using as a blanket?! And the fact that it kind of seems like the lights are out but the words are glowing with their own inner light? (note: the text of the book actually comes from a poem I wrote for this blog that is on my about page) And can you find the mustaches?! I am just so incandescently happy right now. Good things are a comin'!

And because I couldn't just stop there, my blog is no longer but just the simple and amazing and I'm-still-not-used-to-it
How cool is that? I may have shot myself in the foot and not known it, but from what I understand things should be pretty seamless. My will forward things to the regular website, and I hope nothing has changed in terms of behind the scenes, but hey, live and learn, right?

In the line up is a new rating system that I am working with Jacqueline on (I've told you she's amazing right?) and some possible business cards. I'm becoming legit yo! Next thing you know I'll be heading to BEA or something crazy like that!

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  1. I love it! The blue is practically glowing! Very cute! And are those books as pillows?! NICE.


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