Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Ten Authors that I would put on my Auto-buy list

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at the Broke and the Bookish.

So this weeks theme is
Top Ten Authors that I would/have
 put on my Auto-buy list

I have a lot of favorite authors, but sometimes I don't like every single one of the series that they have going. But hey, I'll at least try it! 
(all links go to the authors Goodreads page)

  1. Brandon Sanderson: All time favorite author! It was so awesome because just recently I was able to go to a signing of his. First time meeting in real life! I actually managed to get out a few coherent sentences. This is one that I will, no questions asked, purchase anything he has written.
  2. Patricia Briggs: I will absolutely purchase any Mercy Thompson or Alpha and Omega book the moment it comes out (so excited for the next Mercy to come out a week from now!). Even though I really like fantasy I haven't really tried Ms. Briggs other works yet though.
  3. Suzanne Collins: Yes, huge fan of the Hunger Games, but actually I much preferred her other series Gregor the Overlander. Ms. Collins is amazing though, so anything she comes out with will be fantastic, I just know. Possibly heart-breaking, but awesome.
  4. Merrie Haskell: I read her "Princess Curse" and thought it was the bee's knees, seriously (such an awesome relatable protagonist and I am praying that there is a sequel). Ms. Haskell is coming out with a book this May called Handbook for Dragon Slayers. Hello! That one is a pre-order!
  5. Brandon Mull: His Fablehaven series is one of my MOST favorite and I can't wait for him to continue the series. I will admit I haven't started his Beyonders series yet because I'm a little scared to. I liked Fablehaven so much, what if it doesn't compare? I'm not such a fan of his Candy Shop Wars either, but that's mainly because it really is a middle grade. I'll read it to my kids when I have them though!
  6. Seanan McGuire: I ADORE her Toby Day series. Seriously, it's on par with Mercy Thompson. I have bought her InCryptid novel but haven't gotten around to reading it yet.
  7. Cassandra Rose Clarke: A fairly new author, I really really loved her Assassin's Curse and am eagerly awaiting it's sequel. I've purchased her other adult book, but haven't read it yet.
  8. Ysabeau S. Wilce: Her 'Flora Segunda' series is AMAZING. Such a great world, such a fun cast of characters. I really hope she comes out with more!!
  9. Sherwood Smith: Her 'Crown Duel' is one of my most favorite books. I haven't read all of her other ones, but I am slowly working through. She has tons!
  10. Franny Billingsley: Chime was a great joy for me to read and I've read The Folk Keeper. Ms. Billingsley has such a lyrical way with words, I gobbled her tales right up!

Who's on your auto-buy list?


  1. I was really surprised at how few authors I recognized on your list! They look wonderful though!
    Top Ten Tuesday @ The Brunette Librarian

  2. AHH, I love Briggs. Love. Her. FROST BURNED is so close!!

  3. Aside from Suzanne Collins i haven't read anything from the other authors on your list, but i have heard of some of the titles, i will have to check them out for sure! thanks for checking out my TTT too! NEW GFC FOLLOWER by the way! cute blog, and i love the title, i always read in bed to get sleep! perfect blog name! - Katie @ INkk

  4. Ah, I cannot believe I forgot Suzanne Collins! The Hunger Games is amazing. I haven't read her other series yet. Great list!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Annie @ Tar Heel Bibliobabe :)


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