Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Hobbit: An unexpected journey = Awesomeness!

Has anyone else seen the Hobbit yet? It was FANTASTIC!! I'm not saying it was perfect, mind, but it was bloody close! It feels so good to be back in the world of MiddleEarth, I've missed it so!

OF COURSE, I went to the midnight showing, but it was only at a regular theater. Yesterday I went and saw the Hobbit in a digital theater with 3D and the high frame rate...WOW, big difference. When I thought 3D I was thinking more alone the lines of stuff coming out at me (and there was a bit of that, flaming pinecones being one of them) but what impressed me the most was the DEPTH! Going through the Goblin caves felt like I was actually there! It was AWESOME!!

Like I said, the movie wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to the rest of the installments and extended edition DVD releases. has a great compilation of artists rendering of the Hobbit, found HERE. My favorite is below. That scene won't come into play until the last one, but still, pretty friggin awesome!

The artists page (Justin Gerard) can be found here. I really like his style.

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  1. I really must see this.

    BTW, I LOVE your header.

    Are you on Twitter?


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