Monday, July 16, 2012

Recommend A....Book by a Male Author

Book by a Male Author

Recommend A... is a cute new meme created by chickloveslit where we recommend a book that follows the prompt for the week (check out more here). This week I chose:

Publication Date: Oct 2011

Synopsis (Goodreads)Wolf Mark by Joseph Bruchac, is about Luke who discovers his Abenaki family's secret a skin that will let him walk as a wolf and must save his father from kidnappers.

Why I chose this: It's always interesting to me to read books that are written from one gender's perspective by an other who is of the opposite gender. This happens a lot with female writers writing male characters. And while this doesn't happen in this book, the way it describes how the guy likes the other girl I could just tell that it was written by another guy. It was an interesting moment for me and put into relief how different this book is. It has a different take on werewolf mythology, and while it wasn't my most favorite book ever, it was pretty good and I would recommend it to someone looking for something different.


  1. This definitely does sound different. It sounds like a werewolf book with a twist or a new take, which could be a lot of fun. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Here's mine.

  2. That looks like a really good book!

  3. Interesting meme. I saw your comment over on RantingDragons and popped over.

    For Male authors, I'd list:

    John Levitt
    Frank Tuttle

    Those are my two favorites...there's also Joe Nassise -- I really loved his The Heretic.

    In non-UF, I like Robert Crais (not all of them, but some of them are really awesome). Donald Westlake has one I really love--humor, hint of romance, caper: Put a Lid on it. Loved that book.



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