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Review: The Guild vol. 2 by Felicia Day

Overall Impression

Source: Netgalley

Publication Date: July 4th, 2012 from Dark Horse Comics

Short Synopsis (Dark Horse Comics)Set before the first season of the show, these hilarious stories delighted fans and newbies alike and introduced plots that influenced the show itself, including season 5’s backstory of Tink, originally hinted at in these pages. Featuring a huge variety of comics’ best artists as well as many of the talents key to the web series, and leading directly to the moment Zaboo unexpectedly appears at a startled Codex’s front door in episode 1, this collection comprises a true “season 0” ofThe Guild! Collects the one-shots The Guild: VorkThe Guild: TinkThe Guild: BladezzThe Guild: Clara, and The Guild: Zaboo.

Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Sean Becker, Kim Evey, Sandeep Parikh
Darick Robertson, Kristian Donaldson, Ron Chan, Becky Cloonan, Tim Seeley
Ron Chan, Becky Cloonan
Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:
Georges Jeanty

My Review: Felicia Day is my new favorite person. Seriously guys, her stuff is awesome. But more on that later.

This compilation is of a couple of The Guild books and was pretty good. I had already gotten hooked on the online video series, however, so when I was reading it in my head it was in the actual voice of the characters and I think that it helped tremendously in making it come to life more. You just have to love how cooky each of their characters is, it's great!

Had I already not been a fan, I'm not sure how much I would have appreciated this. That being said, it was really great having a chance to get the back story of all of the characters (I still need to know Codex! Guess that's in volume one) and it was a great lead up to the start of the series. So great, in fact, that I have started watching it all over again, this time with my sister to laugh along with me!

It was nice having each of the characters done in a different style of art. This helped make it more interesting but also to make the characters even more unique.

Here's a link so you too can get hooked on the Guild and the Knights of Good. I have not played an RPG before (role playing game) nor do I have any avatar's, but I still enjoy the nerviness and social awkwardness and yes...can even see parts of myself in the characters. You will too!

Now onto the geeky awesomeness! I just recently discovered Felicia Day's Flog. It's lots of fun to watch and airs every Monday.

And essentially, for all things Geek you should head over to Geek and Sundry, you will never look back, trust me on this.

Also, here's our favorite Guildies being all cool in their song "I'm the One that's Cool". (I've listened to it about 50 times in the past 2 days's catchy! They've also done one called "Do you want to date my avatar"...another classic, seriously!)

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