Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Still Alive!!


Did you miss me?

No?! Well, I suppose I deserve that. I've been apocalyptically neglectful.

What have I been doing with myself, you ask, that has caused me to be away for so long (not that you care, we already established that, no need to rub it in)?

Well....I learned how to make ring tones on garage band.....aaaaaand I've been reading, a lot, just not writing about it.


*Sigh*  I deserve that, too. I think there must be some unspoken internet blogging rule that if you are gone for a certain amount of hours you are automatically a pariah and can only be spoken about in hushed tones on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and only if there is an odd number of people in the room.

And one can only come back from this pariah state by swearing that they will never do it again...ever... or so help them because if they abandon it again every book they touch will be turned into  brussel sprouts (kindles included, only doubly so).

Yay for the world of blogging!


  1. The idea of simply just reading, without worrying about blogging, sounds amazing. I hope you enjoyed it, but I am glad to see you post again! :D Welcome back!

  2. That pictures is hilarious, love that puppy face! So glad you're back Scarlett! There have definitely been times when I've just wanted to read and read and not write a thing about any of the books, so I completely understand needing to take some time off!

  3. We all deserve some down time from everything we do!! Welcome back!
    - Jessica @ Book Sake


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