Sunday, October 23, 2011

October is Netgalley month UPDATE!

Guys, I've decided that trying to fight my Netgalley TBR pile is a loosing battle.

Let me explain:

So far this month I have read 4 Netgalley books, 4! Seriously, this is a record of epic proportions and I am very proud of myself. In case you were wondering what they were:

Blood Rights (review here)
Grave Mercy (will post review closer to release... totally 5 mustaches though folks!)
Midnight in Austenland (will post review closer to release... this was a 4, liked better than original)
Misfit (review here)

HOWEVER, 5 books have just been recently approved in my requests....and believe me, I'm estatic! I said at the beginning... it's a loosing battle. oh well, I know I'm not alone though, right!?


  1. Yay for Grave Mercy!! Congrats for making a dent in your NG pile! I am SO behind on my NetGalley books. I really wish I had an e-reader.

  2. I haven't even begun my netgalley ones :S I had a hold list at the library a mile long before finding out about the site... so now I'm trying to dig though those *can't bear to send them back unread* before attacking my netgalley ones.. even if they look soooo good..

    happy reading and blogging !


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