Sunday, October 2, 2011

In My Mailbox (14) part 1

(this adorable picture is borrowed from Anna @ Anna Reads)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by the epic Story Siren. Here bloggers can share with others the awesome books that they received for review, bought, or borrowed.

These past two weeks I've gone a little crazy. I'm not going to post everything as I need
to find a better way with my new computer of doing the pictures...for the sake of my sanity and time.
Part Duex to be revealed next week!

Cold Fire by Kate Elliot- I've been waiting ages for this one (since I finished the first one a few months ago). I was so impatient, in fact, that even though I had pre-ordered a signed copy once it hit midnight on the 26th I ordered a kindle copy as well. I'm ridiculous like that sometimes. Already finished with it, review coming soon! (and boy, was it fabulous!)

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern- this is another one I've been waiting for for a while and when I saw it at Target last night, couldn't help but purchase it! I've heard some very very good things about this one so very excited to give it a try! Plus, it's going to be made into a movie....what are your thoughts on that?

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss- funny story, I totally posted about this one in a few weeks ago Top Ten Tuesday and then that very same week came across this in paperback at the thrift store! SCORE!

Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock- Another thrift store find. I've read this one before and liked it quite a bit, glad to have found a copy. Right now I'm in the process of reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns and am seeing some similarities between the two as in princess's who are sheltered, then need to fend for themselves and grow stronger and more useful. Good stuff!

Deathwish (Cal Leandros #4) & Roadkill (#5, not pictured) by Rob Thurman- this is an urban paranormal series that I only just recently became aware of from reading the blog A Book and a Short Latte and so when I saw these two books sitting at the thrift store, and even though they are halfway through the series, I simply HAD to get them. SCORE!

The Merchants Daughter by Melanie Dickerson- While I haven't read Ms. Dickerson's other novel, the Healers Apprentice, it is on my TBR and when I saw this Beauty and the Beast redo on Netgalley I just had to request it!

What was in your Mailbox?


  1. I haven't heard of any of those apart from The Night Circus, but they all look awesome. Enjoy!

  2. I've heard soo much about The Night Circus -- you gotta let us know how it goes. And oooh, The Merchant's Daughter looks good, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  3. I'm curious about The Night Circus. I don't know if it's quite my thing, but let me know what you think!


  4. I'm completely in love with the cover for The Night Circus, it's gorgeous:) I've heard good things about it too so I'm looking forward to your thoughts on it!

  5. I've really been looking forward to The Night Circus! It looks amazing :) You got some cool stuff this week!

    My IMM

  6. I just looked up the Rob Thurman books, they sound like something I'd be interested in. I'm going to have track them down. Thanks for stopping by, Scarlett.

  7. the merchants daughter looks interesting, enjoy!

  8. Awesome books! I've done the same with being impatient and snagging both hard and digital copies of books because OMGINEEDTHEMRIGHTNOW. The Night Circus sounds amazing, but I've been hesitant to get it for some reason. I hope you love it!

    BTW, I finished A Monster Calls last, so good and it made me ugly cry. Definitely pick it up when you get the chance.

    Have a great week!

  9. I just added Cold Magic to my TBR list. I hadn't heard of this series before but it sounds like something I'd really enjoy too. I have Night Circus and Name of the Wind too. I started reading the Name of the Wind before I went on vacation in August and I never got around to finishing it. I also have Princess Ben. I didn't make the connection between Elisa and Ben but you are right! I loved The Girl of Fire and Thorns and I hope you are enjoying it.

  10. Awesome book haul! Everybody seems to have The Night Circus this week. I hope you enjoy it :)

  11. Amazing books! The Night Circus and The Name of the Wind are two of my favorites! Looking forward to seeing what you think of them!

  12. Great mailbox! I have heard so many good things about The Night Circus. I can't wait to check it out myself. :) Enjoy all your new reads this week!

  13. I'm excited for The Night Circus movie, I only hope it can do the book justice! Hope you like the book as much as I did. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  14. Great haul! I just purchased Night Circus yesterday. Been hearing great reviews so far.

    Xpresso Reads
    P.S. I've also got a new giveaway on my blog for Remembrance if you want to enter.


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