Friday, October 21, 2011

Are you participating in All Hallow's Read?

We all know that Neil Gaiman is basically a genius, but he proves it once again with

What is All Hallow's Read you may ask? Well, Neil explains it best himself in the video posted below, but basically you give someone a scary book the week of or the night of Halloween. Sound simple? It is!

Just a little while ago I bought the book the book A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Siobahn Dowd. I've heard really great things about it and will most likely read it very, very soon. I'm thinking for the All Hallows Read that I'll pass this as-yet-unknown treasure onto one of my younger siblings....who are easily scared I might add.

Which book are you thinking of sharing 
with someone this All Hallow's Eve?


  1. While I'm not, I do think it sounds fun! A blogger friend of mine (Misty at The Book Rat) is participating :)

  2. I think I'll share The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer- it isn't strictly a horror book, but it's creeping me out like no tomorrow!! haha, in a really great way!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome event- I totally agree that Neil Gaiman IS a genius!


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