Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Update

soo...I decided to update my blog. Little by little (and with A LOT of step-by-baby-step instructions) I've been getting better at some HTML/blog stuff. Not only was I able to find a free background and header after looking at Carabosse's Library adorable blog, but I was able to figure out how to change the colors and fonts of some of the things on my blog! This has bugged me FOR AGES! Especially the fonts. Ah well, nothing too dramatic, but I'd love you hear what you think!

The background and header are the property, and were created by, Cute 'n' Cool. You should really check out her stuff. The designs appealed to my particular tastes and sensibilities. Love it!

Here's what my blog used to look like, just in case you forgot... I did after looking at the gloriousness that it is now ; ). (haha, I just asked my sister what she thought, and I value her opinion above all others, but she prefers the old design better. Ah well...I like the new one).

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