Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top 10 Tuesdays (2): Books that Came Recommended

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  1. The Mercy Thompson series- I love the covers now, but originally would have been highly put off by them. A really good friend of mine (we were working together in the library at the time) recommended them and I gave them a try. Haven't looked back since!
  2. Kate Daniels series- Once I was converted to Mercy Thompson I never thought I would find another series that I liked as much and that would have all of the same elements (kick-butt likable heroine, supernatural hotness, etc.) but from reading other blogs I came across this series and am SO glad to have given it a try! (review)
  3. The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society- I'm a very deep fantasy adventure YA fan. This is NOT the type of book I read to feel relaxed with. However, a roommate of mine swore this was her favorite book and I read it. ADORABLE and it really really grows on you!
  4. Hunger Games- I can be a bit of a cover snob sometimes. This was before I had great blogs to help me get past it sometimes, but in this case I had been reading Stephanie Meyer's website and she was saying how she couldn't put this book down. I was in the mood to avoid some important homework and have now since converted the rest of my family to the series (Suzanne Collins other books, Gregor the Overlander Chronicles are honestly just as good!) and we are EAGERLY anticipating the movie!
  5. Crocodile on the Sandbank- Allison from the Allure of Books had this on a list of some of her favorite books (I have quite a few other series that she recommended that I am really looking forward to starting) and this one (again, the cover thing, and I'm not always such a fan of books published and uber long time ago, they just don't vibe with me as well all the time...anywho) is just what I was looking for. If you are familiar with Soulless by Gail Carriger, with no offense to Ms. Carriger, Amelia Peabody is definetly the character that she based Alexia on. (review)
  6. Touched by an Alien- we've established that covers sometimes really turn me off. This one seems a little too Alien-y for me but That Bookish Girl says this is one of her most favorite books so I decided to give it a try. A-MAZING! (review)
  7. Crown Duel- my cousin picked this up at her library because the girl had a black eye. She recommended it to me and my amazing mom (she's still amazing, but this was back when I couldn't drive myself) actually drove me 40 minutes to the next library that had the book so I wouldn't have to wait. 
  8. The Game of Kings- my since deseased grandfather gave me this book. REALLY great. Quite a few of the references went over my head (we just aren't as cultured as we used to be) but Lymond is a really great character once you get to know him.
  9. Fablehaven- no particular person recommended this to me but I avoided reading it for a very long time. I think one day I was particularly bored and fed up with seeing it all over the place and not knowing more about it. I got a few chapters in and have been converted for life!
How's about you? What books have you ended up loving and are so glad you tried even though you weren't so sure in the beginning?


  1. I need to read Fablehaven! I keep hearing such amazing things about that series that I really need to start reading it!

    I did love TGL&PPPS though! That was such a charming and clever book! I've seen it on quite a few of these lists now, and it makes me really want to go back and reread it!

  2. My grandfather sent me in the direction of nonfiction because he loved it so much. I should have thanked him on my blog post this book; he was a great reading role model.

    Here's my gratitude list: Top Ten Books I'm Happy Were Recommended to Me. I hope you will stop by!

  3. Hunger Games have made it to a few bloggers blog today. I am tempted to place it on my list. Happy Reading 2 U

  4. I loved Guernsey. If you like audiobooks Guernsey is one of the best I've ever listened to.

  5. So many books on here I haven't even heard of! The only ones I have are the HG series (LOVE), Fablehaven (haven't read), and The Literary & Potatoe Peel Society.... which I'm sure I mangled the title of.

    My List

  6. Hunger Games is on my list as well. I love your rating system, by the way.

    Check out my list here


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