Monday, March 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time Reading Challenge 2011

I heard about this really cute Challenge from Books and Other Thoughts. The contest was created and hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings (how awesome a name is that!). This is the 5th annual Once Upon a Time Challenge and runs from March 21st through June 20th.

Basically, if I understand things correctly, this challenge is mainly just about bringing us back to our roots and focuses on the 4 main book groups of fantasy, folklore, fairy tales or mythology. I mainly read these groups anyways so thought I would give this a shot.

The rules consist of the following:

Rule #1: Have fun.
Rule #2: Have fun.
Rule #3: Don’t keep the fun to yourself, share it with us, please!
Rule #4: Do not be put off by the word “challenge”.

There are different levels of participation and I have chose to go with:

This means that I will read at least 5 books that fit into the four different categories. Shouldn't be too hard with how voraciously I read. Plus, the art for this is just too cute! I love it so much and want to put it in my side bar!

I'm kind of category-challenged, so dividing the books into the different areas will be a little difficult for me. That's mainly why I chose the Quest I did because it can be a combination of any of the categories.

My first for this will probably be The Goddess Test. I think that fits under mythology pretty nicely. I received the ARC for this from the publisher through NetGalley and have been looking forward to reading it for quite a while. Yay!


  1. thank you so much for joining in, and for the nice comments, I do appreciate it. I hope you have a great lot of fun with the challenge this year.


Thanks so much for stopping by! I LOVE comments and do my best to return the visit! ^__^ And while I appreciate the notice, this is an award free blog. Too many books, too little time!


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